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Silent Upright Pianos

Anytime Upright Pianos

Silent Pianos, or Anytime Pianos as they are also known are 'hybrid' upright pianos.  They combine real, acoustic pianos with digital pianos.  This means you have all the advantages of a real upright piano, the sound, the action, the touch but if you want to play late at night, live in a flat, or want to record to computer and play around with other sounds then you have the ability to turn the acoustic element 'off' and play silently with headphones.  These are becoming more and more popular because, unlike digital pianos there is no compromise in touch.  For more information on anytime pianos, or to try one please call us on 01932 866577

Upright piano delivery is free to ground floor locations within a 30 mile radius of either shop.  If you live outside this area or have steps/stairs please call 01932 866577 and we can let you know whether there are any additional charges or not.