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Entry Level Grand Pianos

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Our range of entry level grand pianos are surprisingly affordable and start at just 4'8" in length.  Smaller grand pianos do exist but we do not stock them as we feel that a taller upright piano gives a far better sound than anything smaller than 4'8".  The Reid Sohn SIG48 is our most popular baby grandas it offers extremely good value for money.  It has a full, rich tone - much better than most of it's rival grands of similar size.

If you are looking for a better quality grand piano then look at our mid range grand pianos.

We have sorted our grand pianos into categories to help you understand the difference and make an informed decision about which piano is best suited to your needs.  This list does not necessarily mean that only the pianos in this category are suited to this level.  For more information or advice as to which grand piano to choose, give us a call on 01932 866577.

Grand piano delivery is free to ground floor locations within a 30 mile radius of either shop.  If you live outside this area or have steps/stairs please call 01932 866577 and we can let you know whether there are any additional charges or not.