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Grand Pianos

Visit our grand piano showroom

Grand pianos are the best choice for all musicians.  They have a longer key enabling better dynamic control.  They generally have a longer string and a bigger soundboard providing a much richer, fuller tone.  If you have the space to fit a grand, then try not to compromise.

We have categorised our grand pianos to help break down the number of pianos to choose and help you make an informed decision about which piano might suit.  If you are unsure whether a grand piano will fit we offer grand piano templates that show the footprint of various sized pianos that you can lay on the floor and move around to see how the piano will fit in your house. 

Visit our grand piano showroom and try grand pianos from a large selection of models.  We stock many different baby grands and full size grand pianos.  We are one of the only piano shops in the area with such a wide range of grand pianos in stock. Buy grand pianos from Sheargold Pianos and get a complete all round service.

All new upright and grand pianos come with a 5 year guarantee, and Kawai pianos come with a 10 year guarantee.  Both are subject to terms and conditions.  Second hand pianos usually come with a 2 year guarantee.