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Silent Pianos & Hybrid Pianos

Anytime Grand Pianos

Silent Pianos are a combination of both an acoustic piano and a digital piano in one cabinet.  It allows uncompromised touch as you are playing a real acoustic instrument but with the benefit of being able to play 'silently' when needed.  It uses technology that stops the hammers striking the string and triggers the digital piano samples through headphones or speakers.  These types of pianos are becoming more and more popular.

Hybrid pianos are a little different where they are digital instruments that incorporate acoustic piano actions.  With the hybrid pianos there is no acoustic element, no strings so all the sound is produced through speakers in someway or another, whether it be through headphones or traditional speakers.

For more information on silent pianos and hybrid pianos give us a call on 01932 866577 or visit our showroom to play them.