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Sell your piano

We buy and sell second hand pianos every day.  If you would like to sell your piano please fill in the form below with as much information as possible.  We cannot value your piano for purchase without seeing photographs, as we need to see the condition of the piano. All valuations are subject to viewing.

Remember though, we only buy pianos that we can sell (once they have been through our workshop) with a guarantee.  If you've been told that your piano is not tunable or is extremely old then it is obviously not worth sending the details in.  We are always interested in purchasing good quality second hand pianos.  If your children have grown up and moved out and you'd like the space back then send in the piano's details.  Also remember that we are a Surrey based company so if you live miles away like Manchester or Wales for instance then the transport costs would outweigh the cost of selling your piano.  If you do live further away then try contacting a more local piano dealer.

If you only want a valuation, please call us to book a viewing at our standard call out of £85 (local area).

If you are unsure please call us on 01932 866577 but the simplest way to submit your piano for sale is to fill in the form below. 


Second Hand Piano Purchase Enquiry Form


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